On Board ‘Seascape’ 1966 – Part 1

I recently found my Mom’s logs from our family vacations on our boat, a 36’ Chris Craft named ‘Seascape’. The log is written in my Mom’s words. I’ve only corrected spelling, added punctuation or added other notes about my recollection of events or additional information about the story. Otherwise, the integrity of her log is maintained.

Our 1966 trip was to the North Channel in Ontario, Canada. Part 1 is days 1-3. We spent many summers cruising the area, and I have fond memories of this time and place.

Saturday, July 2 (day 1)
Arrived in Indian Rivers 5:15 am. Traveled all night because of the weather. Traffic was pretty heavy all the way much to our surprise. Mom and Dad (my Grandpa & Grandma) arrived about 10:30 am. They also had a lot of traffic. Weather very hot, about 94 degrees and humid as can be. Stowed away all of our supplies and gear and left the marina for Mullet Creek in Mullet Lake about 3:30 pm. Swam at Mullet Creek until earlier evening. We were going to have a wiener roast, but the flies and mosquitos were horrible. Had stuffed cabbage instead and watch TV. Early to bed for everyone.

The moon came up about 9:30; big, red and full. Tried to have a quiet cup of coffee after everyone was bedded down, but the fish flies refused to cooperate. Decided to call it a day.

Sunday, July 3 (day 2)
Everyone up early – 7:00 am. Again, the sun was very hot and our friends, the flies were hungry so you couldn’t sit on deck. Had to return to the marina because yesterday while swimming, Nick (my Dad & captain) checked the props and discovered a chunk missing out of the starboard prop.

Returned to the marina where upon strong insistence, it was changed in record time. Had breakfast at the Indian Trail Motel and left the marina again at 11:25 am. Wind beginning to increase from the southwest. Went through the locks (on the Cheboygan River) like a pro. The straits were rolling as usual, so we decided to go into McLeod Bay to spend the night, but the wind was coming directly into the bay. Decided to head for Mackinac Island instead.

Got there just before supper time. Only a few slips left. Kids (my big sister & me) were wild, wild, wild. Took them to the Indian Museum and walked up the hill to a small glen in the woods. Rested in the shade and started back down for dinner. Burned sparklers on shore and met a great big St. Bernard named Arnold.

Weather was a little mixed up. Cloudy with a pretty good wind blowing.

LEFT: Seascape docked at the Mackinac Island Yacht Harbor.
RIGHT: The view from the dock. The Captain and Fort Mackinac on the bluff overlooking the harbor.

Monday, July 4 (day 3)
Decided to spend the day because the wind was blowing hard and right into the harbor. Like being on a merry-go-around. The sun was hot, but the air was a little cool and the humidity dropped. It made for a real pleasant day. After a couple of nice peaceful hours on deck, the kids were talked into bike riding. Started around the island on our usual trip, but decided to head inland at the British Landing. Boy, it was up hill ¾ of the way, but when we reached the top, we sure did go down fast.

When we reached the boat, everyone was tired and glad to sit down for a while. Had dinner and Mom & I (my Mom) went into the drug store for a tablet (not an iPad). Looked at the store windows and after picking up our usual box of fudge headed back to the boat. Watched fireworks from the dock and about 10:00 pm the kids were ready for bed.

Talked to some people from Grand Rapids who had a sail boat in the slip across the way. They were headed to Beaver Island the next morning.

Moon came up like a big red ball. Weather calming. Decided we’d better get to bed if we are leaving for the North Channel tomorrow.

The story continues in Parts 2-4.

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