About Me

I’m a former corporate tax professional with a career spanning nearly 30 years.  In 2019, my position was eliminated after seven years of blood, sweat and tears. Again. For the third time in my career. The first time after nine years and the second time after four years. Burned out from the daily grind of Corporate America, I decided to put pen to paper and try to piece together the fantastical tales floating around in my head into engaging stories. It’s been a challenge tapping into my creativity after years of “crunching numbers,” but I’ve always been an imaginative girl. It’s time to reconnect with her. Time for a new career.

I’m a self-anointed connoisseur of music with an eclectic point of view including the blues, rock, R&B, 90s country, Broadway, EDM and more. I also owned a dance studio with my daughter for nine years. In 2019, we decided to close the doors since both of us wanted to pursue other interests. Dance and music are my therapy, and now I’m excited to add writing to it!

Geographically, I was born and raised in Detroit, but fled to the warmer climate of Charlotte NC about 20+ years ago. I miss a lot about Detroit, and it will always be my home. But it’s hard to beat the weather in the Queen City.