• Book Club: Project Hail Mary
    *** Beware: this review includes a few spoilers *** If you’ve read my review of Artemis, you already have a good idea about my critique of Andy Weir’s third book, Project Hail Mary. On a positive note, I liked it better than Artemis. Perhaps because this book was written in the first person, like The … Continue reading Book Club: Project Hail Mary
  • Book Club: Fahrenheit 451
    This month’s book club selection was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (195 pages, Goodreads). First published in 1953, this book was part of the curriculum of my college class, Intro to Science Fiction.[1] It’s been a while since my initial reading. The most striking aspect of this novel was the stylistic writing. Lots of fragmented … Continue reading Book Club: Fahrenheit 451
  • Book Club: Shards of Earth
    This month’s book club selection was Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky (549 pages, Goodreads). Published in 2021 by Orbit, it’s book one of two in the Final Architecture series. In short, I liked it. I haven’t finished it yet, but I like it so far. The best part for me was the created world. … Continue reading Book Club: Shards of Earth
  • What’s in a Word?
    Word choice is such an essential part of writing. It’s the difference between an awkward sentence and dialogue or a description that perfectly conveys the character’s emotion. I have a healthy respect for the power of them. Some of my self-imposed rules border the quirky, but I unabashedly own them.   Like do you think … Continue reading What’s in a Word?
  • Inspiration: Story Idea
    I recently had a discussion about story ideas with another author. It spurred me to share the inspiration for my work in progress, The Venerable Dawn: Ascension. In August 2019, I took a writing class after being eliminated from a Corporate America job for the third time in my career. The first homework assignment asked … Continue reading Inspiration: Story Idea

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