The Venerable Dawn

The only constant in life is change ~ Heraclitus

Lilith Cunningham is estranged from the governing body of her species, The Society of the Venerable Dawn. After the deaths of her parents and beloved grandfather on the cusp of her twenties, she vowed to defy their expectations at every turn. She’s successful until one night, Hank Dewey, one of the Society’s five Councillors, rings her doorbell.

This unannounced visit propels Lilith headlong into events beyond her control. Paired by divine right with a has-been rock star, Jimmy Grant, who she despises as much as the Society, they venture off to crack the codes to the magick gifts, infused with the power to fulfill their preordained destinies. All under the watchful eye of the powerful immortal leader of the Vice Union. Updated 1.14.2022

The Venerable Dawn: Ascension (working title) is the first book in a series. Or at least, what I hope will be a series. I use this space to keep my followers apprised of my endeavors in the pursuit of my goal.

Second draft is underway. The pace is slow, but steady. Slow because I started writing this story a few short months after taking my first ever writing classes. Like my story, my writing has evolved over the past twenty-four months. So, lots and lots of editing, but I love this part of the process. For me, it lets me focus on making my proses better and better rather than the creation from scratch during first draft. Updated: 12.16.2021

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