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About My Side Gig

One of the most important roles of the writing process is the beta reader.

As writers, we think everything in our stories makes perfect sense. The action is exciting, and the logistics work. Our characters are multi-dimensional, and their dialogue sounds natural. We know who’s talking with minimal tags. Our descriptions are visceral and ground the reader. The plot is engaging and moves forward at a good pace. The rise and fall of tension keeps the reader turning the page. There’s a good balance of showing and telling. Info-dumping minimal. We know our work possess all of these qualities because we wrote it.

But are we sure? As writers, we’re so absorbed in our stories that we take a lot for granted. Our hands are too dirty to be objective. The preverbal “gloss over” happens to all of us.

The best way to insure our work is what we intended it to be is using a beta reader. They provide fresh insight about these important elements: plot, worldbuilding, characters, dialogue, descriptions and more. When reviewing a submission, I invest myself in your story and provide trusted feedback.

I can’t wait to read your story!

Service Content

All levels of my services include real-time in-line comments and general overall comments. I take a deeper drive into various story elements such as plot, worldbuilding, setting and descriptions, characters, dialogue, and writing for the Developmental Reviews. You will know exactly how I feel about your story, good or bad but never mean

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse any gig for reasons such as content is too graphic or abstract.

Levels of Service

Service and pricing are based on every 4,000 words:

General real time in-line comments & general overall comments in Review Notes report.

Extensive real time in-line comments & detailed overall comments in Review Notes report.

The same as the Standard level plus either a review of one revision or a Q&A session.

Hiring Me

If you are interested in hiring me, please email me at for pricing and other important details.

Thank you for your feedback! As always, your notes are very helpful. You’ve given me some great areas to focus on. ~ Matt Whetsell